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Plastic Shield for Agricultural PTO Shaft

PTO Shaft Shield Parts

The PTO shaft is a crucial component of much agricultural equipment, such as tractors, rotary cultivators and lawn mowers. Without proper protection, a person may be pulled into the PTO shaft 5 feet away at a speed of 540 rpm. Get a PTO shaft protection or PTO shaft plastic cover to protect yourself from such dangers. This device will prevent clothing accessories from entanglement in the rotating shaft.

Most PTO-driven tools are equipped with a fully shielded PTO drive system to protect the operator from accidental entanglement. The guard consists of plastic that surrounds the drive shaft and includes bearings at both ends. When objects contact, the shield will stop rotating to prevent accidental winding and injury. The 2 ends of the transmission system shield are bell-shaped to protect the universal joints at both ends of the transmission system. The universal joints sometimes grab objects and entangle workers. Operators should not attempt to modify this mask to make maintenance easier.

PTO accidents can cause serious injury, including death. Despite these risks, the equipment manufacturer has taken measures to minimize the risks through appropriate maintenance and protective equipment. However, it is important to always keep the PTO shaft plastic cover in place. It prevents the risk of winding and shaft separation. By following these guidelines, you can maintain the security and operability of your patent and trademark rights. Take a moment to consider the advantages of using PTO drive shaft protection.